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Rebalance. Restore. Revitalise.

Natural therapy services to release stress and tension

Rebalance. Restore. Revitalise.

Natural therapy services to release stress and tension

At Spiral Qi Natural Therapies, it’s all about YOU

If you’re feeling out of balance, low on energy or full of tension, you’ll want to meet Louise Chadwick. Located in Mont Albert North (about 20 minutes east of Melbourne’s Central Business District), Louise designs and facilitates signature wellness experiences for each and every client. As you relax in the privacy and comfort of Spiral Qi’s natural therapy room, she will recommend and apply a series of gentle, non-invasive physical and energetic techniques that together, will help you rebalance, restore and revitalise your body and life force energy.

What is Spiral Qi?

Spiral Qi is about unblocking your chi. It’s about supporting your healing journey.


The spiral pattern is inherent as far away as galaxies. It also surrounds us through the swirling currents and fluid systems in our planet’s natural world. From the loops and curves of our fingerprints to the winding of vessels and circulating blood, and even in the double helix structure of our DNA, spirals are interconnected with the very flow of life.


Qi (or chi) is a vital life force or energy flow. It is the essence that animates all living things and a fundamental focus of Chinese traditional medicine, qigong, tai chi, reiki, acupuncture, and other healing practices around the world. Blocked chi may present as symptoms of tension, pain, inflammation, or illness. Ready to feel better? Start with your breath.

Louise Chadwick often compares the healing journey to an unravelling spiral—one that unwinds blockages, releases layers, and evolves through phases of growth and renewal.

If a certain kind of pain or burden is a recurring theme in your life, it might feel like you keep circling “back” to the exact same place. Not exactly. Instead, you’re being challenged, or compelled, to revisit this theme from different perspectives along the way.

Louise will help you transcend obstacles and “spiral” calmly and safely toward a positive state of wellness. (Hint: The bigger the blockage, the bigger the breakthrough!)

Spiral Qi’s Natural Therapy Services


Muscle testing provides biofeedback to pinpoint where physical, mental or emotional stress is being held in your body and how best to release it. Structural techniques to remove tension or stress include gentle massaging of neurovascular or acupressure points. These could be combined with other techniques such as guided NLP visualisations or verbal cues to help clear imbalances.

Kinergetics – RESET TMJ

Two temporomandibular joints (TMJ) function as a single unit to connect your jawbone to your skull. With more than 80% of electrical messages flowing back and forth through your TMJ, even the slightest misalignment can wreak havoc on your body. Kinergetics – RESET is a simple yet powerful technique that releases tension from your muscles, ligaments and bones and resets the TMJ.

Access Bars

In the Access Consciousness movement, the Access Bars modality combines verbal, energetic and gentle touch techniques to help release fixed thoughts, attitudes, decisions, or beliefs that may be holding you back from making choices that promote healing and well-being in your life. Up to 32 “bars” in and around your head will be stimulated during each session.

Integrated Healing

We’re all unique and so is every healing journey. Accredited by the Australian Kinesiology Association, Integrated Healing combines the best of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, guided imagery, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), life-coaching, psychology, and various other complementary and holistic medicine modalities.

Not sure which natural therapy is right for you?

Discover the Benefits of Spiral Qi

  • Less emotional, mental and physical stress
  • Reduced anxiety and tension
  • Increased personal energy and vitality
  • Greater focus, awareness and clarity of thought
  • Better quality of sleep
  • Improved health and stronger immune system
  • Enhanced self-esteem and self-fulfillment
  • Greater peace of mind
  • Restored emotional balance and resilience
  • Deeper relaxation

Louise’s natural therapy sessions are generally 60-90 minutes.

Meet Louise Chadwick

Louise Chadwick

Founded in 2018, Spiral Qi is owned and operated by Louise Chadwick.

A long-time sufferer of ongoing TMJ (jaw) issues, Louise began to research alternative medicine options after conventional treatments proved unsuccessful. In 2009, she discovered Kinesiology and an energy kinesiology method known as RESET that gently resets the TMJ. Following her very first RESET session, Louise felt simultaneously calm and energised—and buoyantly pain-free for the first time in years.

That single session had such a profound effect on Louise, in fact, that she immersed herself in studying Kinesiology. This led to intensive training in three systems: Touch for Health, Kinergetics and Integrated Healing. Through the years, she has also become a practitioner of other natural health modalities including Access Bars, Liquid Crystals and Theta Healing.

Today, Louise is dedicated to helping others discover—or rediscover—how to release tension, stress and pain in their lives.


Ready to feel rebalanced, restored and revitalised? Contact Louise Chadwick to discuss the natural therapies that are right for you.

Spiral Qi
19 Francesca Street
Mont Albert North
Melbourne, Victoria 3129

Mobile: 0402 551 097 (+61 402 551 097)

Did you know? Spiral Qi is about 20 minutes east of Melbourne’s Central Business District.

Special offer for new clients

Save $20 on your first 90-minute “Freedom from Stress” healing session!

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